Monday, May 28, 2012

WOW, check this out!!!

My dear friend Malin has been doing some drawing lately, and Wow, what can I say? It's just superamazing and wonderfully creative and I just had to come share it with you. (with her permission of course) She just mentioned she'd done some drawing lately, and I asked if she'd show me, and I can tell you I almost fell flat on the floor by her amazing works :) You can click here to visit her blog.

        'Soul Cage' by Malin

   detail from 'Soul Cage' by Malin

         detail from 'Soul Cage' by Malin

'Melinda' by Malin

detail from 'Melinda' by Malin

Detail from 'Melinda' by Malin

She's an amazing artist, She's one of my favourite artists, she's an excellent card maker and her work's been featured in several magazines and books. She's also a scrapper, she's a doll maker and more. I highly recommend you visit her blog for inspiration!!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful art with us Malin, LOVE your work!!! You inspire me greatly :)

Thank you all for watching,
have a wonderful week,
hugs and smiles,


  1. wow Linda, Malin's artwork is glorious. Is it part digital? Thank you for sharing, x

  2. Yes, it's just awesome!! it's all hand drawn and hand coloured :) pure magic!! hugs and smiles, Linda

  3. Just wondering where can you get her stamps?

  4. yes ... awesome! Thank you dear Linda!
    Sorry me so rare commenting last time... I am a bit busy with renovation of our old house... I have enjoyed your videos on youtube!

  5. Thank you Linda, for your kind words! I didn't create anything for a long, long time. No stamping, scrapping or drawing. I guess meeting someone who's into the whole creative buisness gave me some of my mojo back. It's so cool to have someone that understands the whole ink-/paper-/heating gun-world nearby! Hugs!


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