Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tutorial - how to make a steampunk flower :)

Here's how I altered some flat mulberry scrapbooking flowers into steampunked embellishments :) I'm going to use them in my upcomming project which is a Steampunk shadowbox :)

Hope this was helpful, enjoy making some gorgeous steampunk flowers using this technique, you can also make steampunked leaves covereing mulberry leaves. If you don't have mulberry flowers, just use any flower puch or just cut out a flowershape from a piece of paper :)

If you don't have the means to use embossing folders, just use the bakc of a pen or some other tools and press patterns into your flowers. You can also crumple up your leftover aluminum foil tape and stick it onto your leaves and flowers for a cool textured look :)

Thanks for watching,
have a wonderful week,
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  1. Stunning steampunk flowers my dear Linda.
    Fantastic work. xoxo

  2. I love your stampunk flowers, dear Linda. Thank you for the helpful video


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