Monday, March 15, 2010

Made a mistake with my think monday think atc - film theme

LOL, today my head must be somewhere else :)

I made my entry for the challenge only to discover after I was done, that I'd made a postcard instead of an atc, lol. I can understand that it's possible to make a mistake like that if there had been no mention of size in the name of the challenge, but this challenge is called 'think monday think ATC'!!!! and inspite of that, I did a think monday think postcard version, lol.

Well here's my mistake with googled images from the film 'Chocolat' :) It had to be my choice, since I just happen to love chocolate, romance, chocolate :) and Johnny Depp and I think the rest of the cast made fenomenal preformances too!!

So tanks for looking at my wannabe ATC :D



  1. I'm kind of happy that you made a mistake, Linda, because now we get a chance to see two awesome pieces in one day! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. I like your TMTP very much!

  3. Your ATC is wonderful! Now you made me want to see that movie.

  4. Nice postcard, beautiful movie and adorable Johnny too...mmmmmm

  5. What a fabulous mistake you made! Love it!


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