Friday, October 23, 2009


Wow, 50 wonderful followers, how fun is that ??!!!

When I started blogging I had no idea what it meant to follow a blog, and it was wonderful Gayle at Stamper's touch who came to my rescue with much needed information. Thanks Gayle!!

To let you all know how much I appreciate your comments, and how much I appreciate visiting your blogs, I would like to show my appreciation to the wonderful artists following my blog, and leaving such sweet comments here, by giving away one of my original pieces finished with a white passepartout and a white frame. I've chosen one of the pieces receiving most comments, my 'world traveller' for this giveaway.

and I would also like to give away a canvas print to ten of my other followers. I will draw random numbers from my followers list to find the winners. And anyone who wants to join in, but haven't become a follower yet, can do so until sunday 1. of november 9 am, norwegian time :) That's when I'll make the random draw :)

If you have a favorite piece amongst my posts, just leave a comment here with the title of your favorite, and if your name is among the 10 winners, I'll check here to see if you've left a wish and your canvas will be a print of your favorite piece. The size of the canvas print will depend on the original size of the piece you've chosen, but not smaller than 4x4 inches.

So please tell me what's your favorite piece and join in!!

Thank you all for your kind comments, they make me genuinly happy, and I do appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and leaving comments!!!

Thank you all!!!



  1. hi hun bless you for your kind comment love and very much adore your work and would love to be in with a chance of winning one of your crations my favourite is art creations friday,however would be delighted to be in with a chance of wining any of your creations love cheryl xxxxx

  2. Oh oh.. wonderful ! :-) Thank you for my name in your hat ;-) Have a nice day, ISA

  3. ooooh, Linda, that is very difficult. I love them all. But I would like to chose the "Gypsy". It is also a wonderful work from you.

    Hugs Rosie

  4. OHH!! I am so excited. I love displaying other people's creations in my art room. It makes me feel happy, and brings a creative, fun mood to my room.. Like being back in Art Classes in school.
    I am so happy to get a chance at one of your pieces! Thank you!
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  5. I agree with Rosie, it's not easy picking one favorite. Your artwork is very special. I am drawn to two of Gothic Arches: Twilight and Autumn Breeze. I am not quite sure "how" to become a follower?
    Thank for the chance to win your generous giveaway!

  6. How sweet, Linda! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  7. Thankyou Linda ! I would love to own a piece of your artwork,hope i,m lucky !! beautiful work x

  8. Hi Linda...what a lovely gesture you have planned...great idea and one I am sure your followers will love to partake in. I really appreciate your lovely comment and thanks for entering me in your draw. If we were sharing a glass of wine we could toast to the next 50!! All the best, dear lady! Your art pieces are excellent! Hugs, Gayle.

  9. What a lovely thing to offer! Should I be lucky enough my favourite piece is your Autumn Fairy!
    Keryn :D

  10. OOOh thank you for putting my name in the hat. I love your work wish I was as talented. hugs.xx

  11. Hi Linda - thank you for this wonderful give away! I love all of your art, it is so vibrant and passionate, but my all time favourite is Moonstruck. Cheers! to 50 followers and I'm sure there will be 50 more very soon. Love your talent and thanks for sharing it with us. Cheers! Rhonda

  12. Hei Linda :) Så snilt av deg å gi oss sjansen til å vinne noe av dette utrolige flotte som du lager! Som jeg har sagt før, du er bare helt rå på atc´er og jeg blir like imponert hver gang jeg er innom deg!!
    Jeg synes det er nesten helt umulig å plukke ut en favoritt, da alt er like lekkert, men valget falt til slutt på "Party TIme".
    Ønsker deg fin helg :)
    Klem, Gry-Heidi

  13. Linda, thank you very much for your mail and for the chance to win one of your fantastic artwork. It´s difficult to picking on favorite.
    But I tend to "Autumn impressions"(TMTA),"Angel"(Dans ma maison) or "Gypsy"(SPA).
    I love your creations and am looking forward to see more of you.
    (Please excuse my bad english. It is miserable.)
    MARTINA xxx

  14. A wonderful "Give Away"
    I would love to have them all!
    I can not decide,
    I would have liked to surprise!
    xxx Susi

  15. Oh, Linda, this is so sweet of you.

    One of my absolute favorites here is your "Magic moments"-skinny, but I do love them all and am very happy to have two of your originals in my collection, too.

    Thanks for including me in this, hugs, Tatsi

  16. Congratulations, Linda! 50 Followers! YAY! No wonder you have so many visitors and friends, your blog is outstanding! Hugs, Terri

  17. Hi Linda!! Thank you for inviting me here for your blog giveaway!! I think it is wonderful and I'd love a chance to win an art piece by you anyday!!! My favorite piece that I don't already LIFE IS GOOD! I just love that lil' happy bird and mostly LIFE IS GOOD to us!!
    You have become not only a favorite blog I visit often, but a VERY Good Online friend to me! I enjoy our friendship most! I'm glad we have something in common "ART" and can share our journey together!
    Big Hugs
    and congrats on 50 Follower's..WOOT!!!

  18. Heldig er den som vinner dette herlige bildet! Jeg liker også denne type "Give-away" Det må da være kjempefint å få kunst man kan gledes over! ha en fin dag!

  19. Linda what a generous offer. I love everthing I see of yours. All are a favorite should I be lucky enough to win.

  20. Hi Linda, I am now follower 51. Love all your pieces so it would be hard to choose. But if I had to I think the one you did for three muses, hair, would be my choice. I loved how you seemed to make her glow. Nice giveaway you are having, very sweet of you. I'm sure whoever wins will be very pleased.

  21. How fun, thank you for including me in your drawing - I love your blog - my favorite is the "STAY" dog stamper - my dog Molly looks just like the dog in the work. xo Julie

  22. Dear Linda,
    first thank you for your own many kindly comments on my blog :-)2. thanks for putting my name in your hat, it's so friendly :-)
    I love all your art works, but I did never won everything, so I don't hope will be chosen.*g*
    I'm glad to know your blog, and I enjoy every piece you show to inspire me.

    Have a nice week, hugs Anja

  23. Congratulations!!! What a pretty piece! Thank you for adding me in!! Have a great day!!

  24. CONGRATULATIONS on the 52! followers Linda.xx

    Your creations are stunning & I love to stop by. Thank You for putting my name in the 'hat'... I would be overjoyed to win any of your creations. Do you remember the Mixed Media Monday - something round... I was intrigued with your background & still am!! ... this would be my choice! but I really love ALL your creations.

    Here's to the next 50. Best Wishes & Happy Crafting. Gez.xx

  25. Hi Linda! Thank you for putting my name in the hat! :D
    You did choose a fabulous piece of art and whoever wins it will be "The luckiest person in the world... ! LOL
    Keep creating! I love watching all your wonderful art.


I want to thank every single one of you for taking the time to comment on my work, it's much appreciated!!