Monday, February 9, 2015

Colorful fabric tag/wall hanging

Hi everybody :)
I've had so much fun playing with my laces and trims to create this blue and turquois wall hanging tag. I've used laces and trims gifted to me by some of my dear friends and I've also colored/painted/sprayed some laces and a doily to match. I've used some charms and metal filigrees and painted and colored using inka gold. The images are from an Etsy seller. Please check out the links below if you're interested :)

Here's a picture of my tag...

And here's the video explaining how it was done:

Here are the links:
Annie's wonderful Etsy shop: 

The images from Etsy:

Wild Orchid Crafts:

Some more of my favorite lace sellers:

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have a wonderful day,
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  1. I'm going to tell you that this wall hanging piece is magnificent. Love it. It's really , really beautiful. I am not a fan of blues, but I recognize beauty where it is.


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