Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aluminium foil tape tips and tutorial :)

Hello everybody, I've just done a tutorial including some tips on how to get the most out of your foil tape :)

Here's also a link to Rachel - RachO113's awesome tutorial on a very cool foil tape technique that I'm using for my Steampunk mini album :)

Hope it's helpful,
thanks for watching,
hugs and smiles,


  1. Thank you sweetie.
    Great video. Love the technique. xoxo

  2. Terrific video, had never thought about using the tape for backing, great idea, thank you, x

  3. great idea Linda... thank you so much for sharing and for the great video!
    xxx Susi

  4. Thanks for sharing your video tutorial Linda - it was really useful! I'd never thought of using the foil as a backing before, but it makes perfect sense and is so effective too for creating some dimension and movement.

    (You have a really lovely voice and accent too!!)

  5. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed watching this Video

  6. Thanks... I have several rolls of this tape and will use more of it now!


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