Friday, August 12, 2011

Sukkersøtt challenge - Metal is it

I've been having this idea in my head the past couple of days, I don't have any metal tins or metal supplies so I just had to make what I needed from scratch using tiles, polymer clay, cardboard, match box, metal aluminum foil tape, alcohol inks etc... And here's how it turned out :)

 Love Shrine...
The dangling Love heart was made out of polymer clay perfect pearls and alcohol inked to match. The word was stamped on silk paper and glued down and it was all covered with glue-varnish. The angel is originally white plastic and was distressed using distress stains, gold- and black paint. The tiles on the arch is textured blue glass tiles, which was covered in alcohol inked aluminum tape and glued down. The crown and the piece behind and above the angel are polymer clay with perfect pearls. the rest is just cardstock covered in alcohol inked aluminum tape.
Heart and Key made from polymer clay and perfect pearls and alcohol inked to match...

And here's how I made it :) And boy did I make a mess while I was at it, well, I guess I always make a mess when I'm creating stuff, in fact I'm so bad I'm to embaressed to take part in the What's on your Work desk blogging that a lot of people participate in, lol, well enough babling let's get to the how to...
 I used an empty matchbox for the niche I secured the corners with som tape and pulled out my aluminum tape to cover the box with to make it all look metal...
 Here's the colours used to cover the aluminum tape.
 Of cours I first made the mistake to start the covering before inking, but fortunately my brain started working and I began inking beforehand :) A tip is to ink up a lot more tape than you think you need :)

 I pulled a polymer heart I made previously, but which I didn't really like. It was recycled, alcohol inked and I stamped the word love on silk paper and glued it down and covered it all with glue varnish. I set an eyelet in the middle of one of the short sides of my matchbox, used a jumpring and hung the heart there...
 I decided my shrine needed a frame of sorts, and of course nothing I had matched the opening of the matchbox, so I took the chipboard frame that was closest in size and cut it down a bit to match. I glued down strips of cardboard on the back to strengthen it...
 Again covering chipboard :)

 This is what the angels look like before being distressed with black paint and...
 distress stain and gold paint.
 I cut out a top for my shrine in cardstock and started the whole aluminum covering process again :) Then I decided I wanted some tiles to go around the edge of the top arch, of course again nothing that matched in my stash so I covered up some not so nice but wonderfully textured blue glass tiles.
 I quickly figured out it was a good idea to cut some squares out of the corners of the square to ease the covering of the tiles...
I pulled some more premade polymer tile thingies from my stash and started securing them to the sides of the shrine using more foil tape and  red sticky tape... Then it was all just a matter of adhering all the bits and pieces together and Voila, my first wall hanging shrine was born...

Thank you all so much for looking,
hope you liked it,
hugs and smiles,


  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah this is absolutely cool.
    What a fantastic shrine and brilliant little workshop. Thanks for this inspiration. Love it.

    Have a lovely weekend my dear.

  2. Oooooohhhh, wowowowowow, your shrine is stunning and thank you so much for your workshop. It is a lot of work.

    Have a nice weekend, dear Linda, and thank you for visiting my blog earlier today

  3. Gorgeous! Thanks for showing how to make this!!

  4. Uaaaahhhhh!!!!!! Linda!!!!!! How incredibly gorgeous this one is, i love this beautiful shrine. The design looks totally gorgeous!!! Wow!!!!

  5. can i trust my eyes?! his is absolutely divine, linda. standing ovations!!

  6. Å, kjære vene, noe så vakkert! Nå ble jeg stum av beundring - noe av det fineste jeg har sett!

    Klem, Kari

  7. Wonderful demo and an amazing shrine. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  8. Totally awesome, love it!!! And thank you so much for showing us how you did this, I love seeing how other people work. Fantastic job.

    Have a great weekend dear Linda.

  9. Wow,så kreativt!
    Takk for at du deltar hos Sukkersøtt og lykke til!


  10. Absolutely beautiful, never seen anything like it. I feel so inspired and thank you for sharing how to make it :)

  11. Can I say "AMAZING" and out of cardboard are truely creative!!! You inspire me..

  12. Så flott!
    Så fint at du vil delta hos sukkersøtt denne uka.
    Lykke til!
    Klem fra Gro

  13. Found this on Pinterest and had to check it out. So amazing! I've been interested in alcohol ink and all it's uses and this looks beautiful. Would you please tell me the colors you used? It's hard to see the names in the picture. Thanks!


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