Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Take a word - Song

I made 3 music themed rings for this challenge :)

The left and right one was made using a scrabble wooden tile (got the tiles from lagunacraftsupply on etsy) as a base. I painted it, glued down some scrap paper, stamped the music note and glued it to the tile, I left it to dry and sealed it using 3D crystal laquer bought from lagunacraftsupply on etsy. Fun quick and easy, and the laquer dries crystal clear, it's just awesome!!!

The middle one was made with a glass tile inchie backed with scrap paper, embossed on top with a note and around the edges with gold embossing powder. The glass tile was bought from Candytiles2 on etsy. You'll find all kinds of cool glass tiles inchies, twinchies, hearts... Love it :)

the base rings attached to the tiles came from candytiles2 on etsy. I've never made rings from these materials before and I don't know if I'll ever wear them, lol, but they were fun to make anyway :)

Thank you so much for looking,
take care,
hugs and smiles,

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  1. Oh wow Linda you´ve made jewellery.
    Really stunning design. I love the rings.


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