Monday, August 1, 2011

In memory of the victims in the 22. july massacre and bombing....

Spring passes, and one remembers ones innocence....
Yoko Ono
I guess most of you has heard about the horrors happening in Norway on the 22. of july. A total of 77 people lost their lives and many was injured. I think we felt like we lost some of our innocence that day, but like a young woman said: when one man can show so much hatered, think how much Love all the rest of us can show....

We are so grateful for all the prayers and the worldwide support after the tragedy, and we still pray for the survivors and all of those who has lost a Loved one....

I also pray that nothing like this must ever happen again anywhere,
hugs and blessings,


  1. At this cruel act I have no words .....
    I am deeply shocked and I cried when I saw the horrible pictures on television.
    Linda, I pray for your country, and sincerely hope that such a thing no longer happens in the world..

    Your new pieces are great! Sometimes I don`t have enough time to get around to everyone, but I always enjoy your wonderful blog very much. I have high regards for your artwork!
    Have a nice rest of the week my friend.

    MARTINA oxo

  2. Martina´s words are mine. This is cruel. My prayers are all in Norway for this people and this land.

    Your collage is so beautiful Linda. I´ve missed the right words in english---> PERFECT in every way.

    Have a sunny week my dear friend. Hugs.

  3. Beautiful tribute dear Linda...prayers are still going out to all those affected by the July tragedy...sometimes there are no words!




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