Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Wednesday Stamper - I can fly...

Here's my 6x6 collage :)
I can fly...
my background is inked with adirondac brights, the white is stamped and heatembossed, I distress inked and glued down some pieces of newspaper, I inked the egg, from paperscraps on flickr, to match the background. The supercute girl is from moonlightimages (see the link on my sidebar 'where I get some of my images').

I choose the theme 'I can fly' cause that's how making art makes me feel... Using my creativity gives my heart wings to make my soul soar :) It just means so much to me, it's a little piece of heaven.

I don't need to make masterpieces, or be a world famous artist, or even to sell my art. What's important is to create. Not that I'm not happy if you appreciate what I create, I cherish every single word of positive feedback, no doubt about it.

But like so many others, I started making art in private, for my eyes only. It starte one day, when I decided I didn't matter anymore, if anyone liked what I created, I decided I didn't even have to show it to anyone, It didn't need to meet anybody elses standards, I didn't need artschool, or somebody to call what I made 'art', I just wanted to create... and on that fine day my soul just opened up and set my mind free and my art was born... and ever since, art to me, has equaled spreading my wings and fly... hence this weeks theme, I can fly...

Sometimes, when all the practical stuff like earning money, paying bills, cleaning house etc, etc, get's in the way of making art, it feels like something important is missing, my wings are not there... And when I get back into my studio it seems I always have to go through creating something I'm not happy with, before I get into the flow, I guess it takes a little while for my wings to unfold and my heart, mind and soul to connect, to create something that gives me the right feeling, the happy good feeling.

I don't often use my art to express pain, anxiety, frustration, I tend to prefer writing for that purpose, not that there's anything wrong with using visual arts to express those sides of life. I Love that art is helping so many to get through their struggles and hard times. Art, I believe, is a healing force. We can heal and recover by expressing ourselves through art. And we can heal through the art of others....

But for now, my art is a result of feeling in tune with my innerself, feeling happy, childlike, curious and free, as if I can fly... and if somebody can see a little piece of happiness in what I make, and that makes them feel just a tiny little bit better, then I'm forever grateful, cause then my wings has not only taken me for a feelgood ego trip, but has let me share my happiness with someone:)

I hope you find the time and inspiration to come and fly with us over at WS this week, I'd love to see where your wings takes us :)

Blessings, hugs and smiles,


  1. Hi my dear friend Linda,

    OMG she is the sweetest. So wonderful and lovely piece. I´ve missed the right words in english Sorry. I love it.

    Have a wonderful day my dear friend. Hugs.

  2. gorgeous card Linda!! Love it!!

  3. i enjoyed your post - great theme!

  4. Oh yes... first of all: This piece is AWESOME!
    Every time I come to your blog Linda and look to what is new here... the sun rises for me!
    and my heart get´s brighter!
    Often I take your little print canvas I won about a year ago. It´s the same feeling....
    yes it´s like "flying" through the air....

    Sometimes this happy feeling comes to me if I listen to wonderful , special music...

    We are so happy creations because of being able to fly through our art...yes !

    You wrote it so wonderful... I love each sentence of your text Linda!

    Here on your blog I can take a flight finding
    overflowing inspiration!
    Thank you my friend!

    xxx Susi

  5. Thank you sooo much for your sweet comments, I'm truely grateful!!
    Hugs and thanks,

  6. Beautiful piece, Linda! Your words are so well written and thought provoking!

  7. I love this collage and the words you have used. I never get tired of "the bird on the head".--I wouldn't want a bird sitting on my head-LOL-but I love this imagery and what a sweet girl you have chosen.

  8. So soft and dreamy, love it. Have a great day dear Linda

  9. I love your "I can fly" art and the wonderful, sweet little girl on it. Your blog always holds such beautiful things to feast one's eyes on.

  10. This is so pretty - it makes me happy! I love what you wrote about your art, too. I can totally relate to everything you said. :-)

  11. Just a wonderful piece, the little girl is so sweet.

  12. Linda, I so identify with your art philosophy!!! No wonder we're fans of each other's work. There are days when I feel if I don't make art, I'll explode, and I always create to please myself. Love this piece! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  13. I love the little sweet girl. Your collage is an very amazing creation. The bird on head is so funny it makes me smile.
    Wish you a nice weekend, dear Linda.
    Hugs Anja

  14. love the sweet vintage how you made the chandelier white

  15. What a masterpiece and thank you for sharing your thoughts. I do give you right - creating can be very liberating and sometimes when you feel the flow - its like flying. I love this card of yours - very special , cute and beautiful at the same time... I wish you a great creative weekend, dear Linda!

  16. What a fun theme and I hear every word you say too. It IS a very personal thing. It took me a long while for me to start making art that I liked and to stop making the stuff I thought everyone else would like - that didn't make me happy. It takes bravery to fly I think and when you do you're off. It's a truly beautifully put together piece.

  17. Thank you for the wonderful theme, Linda, your collage is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about creating. It is such a personal expression of our inner selves, it is the process not necessarily the result. Keep flying...cheers!

  18. Virkelig flott! Bakgrunnen er lekker! Nydelige elementer!

  19. Dear Linda,

    I love your thougths and your collage is adorable, so lovely.



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