Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Wednesday Stamper - Legs

My email address is still hijacked, I'm trying to make them stop the hijackers from spamming my contacts, but it takes some time for them to validate me as the right owner to my own email... It really sucks to be honest, and I've spent hours and hours trying to get help with my problem. I finally got hold of someone on the phone and they'd try to get the microsoft service center to shut down my email, so it will stop spamming.

Meanwhile I've made some art to try and keep myself from worrying too much about what 's going on....
Happy Feet
The penguin was googled and I gave him some Happy Feet :) The legs are a stamp from Teesha Moore. The background is painted and stamped, collaged and doodled and the swirls in the corners are stamped.

Thanks for looking,


  1. Absolutely awesome Linda, love it. have a great day!

  2. This one had me laughing out loud Linda!
    Penguins prissy prancin' is what sprang to my mind and you don't see many of those ;-)
    I didn't even know you could have your email snatched.
    I really hope you can get it sorted out soon :-)

  3. Very funny, I had to laugh real hard.

  4. Funny interpretation of the theme, Linda! Splendid piece!

  5. hahaha i looooved the movie and this is so fabulous! thanks for the smile :) and i hope you get your e-mail account problem sorted out. wishin you a happy feet weekend

  6. Great legs!! So funy and awsome at the same time!

  7. Very original interpretation! Great legs!

  8. Wow, this is sooo great and funny, love it.

    Have a nice weekend, my friend

  9. Wow,this soo great and funny,thank for smile in my face,Love it.

    Have a nice weekend:-)

    Hugs ans smile Jeannette

  10. That happened to me once and it's b....y annoying!! On a happier note though I love your artwork. Those legs are so cool.

  11. I love all your elements...its genius! And such a happy the white dots and your dancing penguin.~~ Hope your email troubles soon come to an end. That sounds awful...

  12. ooo this is such fun!
    Sorry I missed Belinda's legs challenge


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