Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Artcreations Friday - Use the image provided

Here's my entry 'Bad Boys'.

Looking at the boys made me think of how important it is to teach our sons to respect women, to prevent future violence and abuse. I think that we have a great responisbility to raise our sons and daughters with love and respect, and to teach them how to love and respect others, so that they can help create a better, peaceful world for everyone...

Thanks for looking!!



  1. Love the thought and message behind your 'bad boys' Linda! Very nice!

  2. Linda, I received the lovely art you sent to me and I LOVE it!!! It is even more beautiful in person, I will cherish will find a place in my studio so that I can see it everyday. You were so sweet to sent the additional piece of art - she's lovely - and the art supply are too fabulous for words. I can't wait to post a blog about all the wonderful things you sent to me. xoxo Julie

  3. ha ha ha...I love that fun and it's perfect here with your boys!

  4. What a great piece! love the background!!


I want to thank every single one of you for taking the time to comment on my work, it's much appreciated!!