Friday, October 30, 2009

Lucky me!!!

Look what dear Heather sent me :) Isn't it awesome?!!! I love the sea and I love this collage!! Please go to Heathers' wonderful blog Creative Solace to see more of Heathers' wonderful artwork!!

Thank you sooo much Heather, for beeing such a wonderful inspiration and for your wonderful gift!!! It's going up on my wall right after I post this :)

oxo Linda


  1. oh, that is WONDERFUL alright!!! I can see why you love it so much. Heather is amazing..she puts alot of heart into each piece!

  2. This is just beautiful Linda,I love your artwork too on your blog. Enjoy your gift, such a great piece.
    Hugs, Laura.
    Heather is "totally" awesome for sure !!!!

  3. Congratulations Linda...enjoy, it's beautiful. Gez.xx

  4. What a lovely surprise for you...gorgeous!


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