Saturday, October 10, 2009

Artcreations Friday - use the Image provided and Saturday's workout - 9'ner ATCs

Here it is before I cut it into 9 atc's :)

And here are the ATC's cut and ready :)

I made another 9'er 'Miracles' after cutting the first one the wrong way and thereby destroying the middlesection. Here's my second try and I've used the wonderful image from Artcreations Friday in the upper left corner :)

How I did this:

I first made the 9'er in the previous post, that I cut in the wrong way and destroyed the cards in the mid section, so be very careful when cutting the finished piece into atc's :)

I first made the background with acrylic paint, stamps and stuff, look for a link to the tutorial under Tags in my sidebar.

To know where to place my images I made a transparency with the atc grid in black. I then chose the subject for my collage. and printed out images in the colours I wanted and started arrainging them on my measured 7,5 x 10,5 inch background paper using the grid.

Whenever happy with the position I glue down the image and try not to leave any disturbing edges, I used the eggs trying to make some kind of flow in my piece. I also printed out a map which I tore into pieces and arranged with the images on my background.

When I was happy with the result, I carefully :) cut it into atc's and used a black paint dabber around the edges.

My original thought was to put words on the atc's but I changed my mind, cause I love the images and didn't want to mess them up, at least not yet :)

Hope you found this helpful, I loved making these, so have a good time making yours!! Please let me know when you're done, I'd love to see your piece!!

Thanks for looking!!



  1. Whoa - this set of ATC's is fabulous too- amazing work and fast!

  2. Fabulous! Love all of it.

  3. just brilliant love it love cheryl xxx

  4. Talk about eye candy. This is just gorgeous. I love this piece.

  5. This is outstanding! Go to the head of the class!

  6. WOW..that is so cool!!!! I low how you did that. Such a great inspiration! These are the ultimate ATC's!!!

  7. Whooooooosht. That is the sound of me being blown away!! Linda, this is truly superb. Amazing work.

  8. Magnificently, wonderful, fantastic!!!!!


  9. absolutely brilliant!! so much to see and such great details!! LOVE it!

  10. Great idea to make ATC's. I love it. I think that I try it myself too. How you did it if I may ask?? -Carita-

  11. OMG another so brilliant 9´ner. I´ve missing my words. This is awesome. Love them.

    Thanks again Linda.

  12. This is amazing! The colours and composition are wonderful.

  13. This is fabulous!great image and colors!!!

  14. Linda, I find both of your 9-er-ATC`s very powerful and moving. You combine elements in your collages so beautifully and uniquely. It's always a pleasure to visit and to see what you've been creating.

  15. fabulous!
    Fantastic Artwork!
    Thank´s for detailed explanation!
    hugs Susi

  16. I'm impressed about your brilliant artwork, Linda.

  17. Very good idea to do like that ATC ! There are really wonderful ! :-)

  18. WOW Linda,
    it´s fantastic. The coulors and all. Great.

    CU Alicia:-)


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