Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mixed media Monday - Together

My card is about growing old together :)


Author: Dana Morales

Time could slip past the moon and stars;
once the light and into the dark,
mountains could crumble in a fall-
once in strong peaks, which had stood tall,
yet, time can't touch what's found by few,
as this love, that's held just for you.

The dawn will rise in light of gold,
still, time can steal its color cold-
time can take the gladness of day;
turning the air into dark shade,
yet, time holds no meaning in heart;
no measure holds to- what you are.

No candle lit could burn so bright,
no other soul can hold your light!
time may capture, but never be...
you're all the belle my soul can see,
and, in my eyes you'll always stay-
my whole life... for every day.

All could change, as time has to will;
time could stop, and I'd love you still-
seasons will come and fade to past,
time thieve all terms in not to last
and yet, time can't touch what you are,
you'll forever be- in my heart.

All foundations of what I breathe,
all the warmth I'll ever need;
who I am and what I will be,
are creations of you in me-
forever you'll be what time can't touch,
I'll always love this very much.

This very much I have to give,
For all the life I have to live-
I swear this much in bliss of you;
let the night take the morning dew-
until the earth none longer turns;
past the flight of the stars, which burn.

It wont change what was meant to be,
you are my heart, and the soul of me.


I'm so grateful I found this lovely poem to complete the piece.

Thanks for looking!!



  1. Can you hear me sniffing? This is an incredibly moving piece of poetry and your art piece complements it beautifully. What a pleasure to have visited to see this.

  2. So happy to hear that you like it!! Thank's so much for stopping by!!


  3. Wonderful card and poem, Linda!

  4. Lovely sentiment, beautiful piece!

  5. Great card and love how you paired it with the poem.

  6. OMG, this is so beautifully created, Linda. And the poem is wonderful. Great artwork !!!!! Wow!

  7. fabulous!! great colors and image! and I love the poem!!

  8. Wow, just lovely! And the colors...!! :)

  9. Gorgeous, great images

  10. wow thats so beautiful. Thank you ever so much for sharing it with us. Gez.xx


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