Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Inch by Inch - Men

Here are two inchies I made for this challenge.

I chose pink and flowers as a background and pink writing since there are some men who feels that the colour pink undermines masculinity :) The colour-gender thing has always puzzeled me a bit, though I think it helps telling you if a baby is a boy or a girl, once you get old enough for your gender to shine through your looks, however, you sholdn't feel insecure about how you are because of colour :)

Being of the old school my inchie-men got a bit uneasy when their surroundings turned pink and started questioning their manhood, but they felt at ease when they got to wear the same old vintage brown as usual ;)



  1. Great inchies.... looking handsome in pink!

    Love the stamp.


  2. Love these inchies, and your commentary!!

  3. I love to see they're getting in touch with their feminine side! Great work.

  4. Lovely inchies... why shouldn't men be in pink!

  5. Lol, so I wasn't the only one thinking of how we use sexism one way or another. Very good take on the men theme.

  6. I like what you wrote and can be so true..I see so many ppl wearing black..but I've heard that pink is the new black! dh has no pink, but he does have a purple dress shirt that looks great on him.


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